Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preparing My Meal

Planning meals for me is a regular, everyday, exercise. I usually eat three to four times a day and go through some of the same process' almost every time. Now that I am at school this process has been slightly transformed.

I no longer have to constantly make a meal from scratch. Sometimes I can just go to the cafeteria and pick out a meal that has already been, or will be, prepared for me. I will be discussing the steps that I went through the other night towards making some macaroni and cheese.

The first thing that I did was decide how hungry I was. After figuring that I was in need of a scrumptious meal, I went and looked at my small variety of food in my dorm. I found a box of "Valveeta Macaroni and Cheese" and decided that it would be my meal. I got out my electric hot pot and began to boil some water. While waiting for the water to boil I was anxious and began imagining the deliciousness of the upcoming food. Once the water was boiling I put in the noodles and let them boil. After that I strained them and mixed in the creamy cheese. Finally I could relax and enjoy the food. Each of these steps in the process of making my meal was important to the experience of eating. The experience is always full of anxiety and hunger, but leads to satisfaction after you eat. Who knew eating could be so epic?

After reading part 7 in Pollan’s book I agree with his claims. People have become accustomed to the “damaging innovations” of our society today. We all accept processed foods because nearly everyone eats them. After my meal I realized that I, myself, can be support to my agreement with Pollan. The website gives the exact nutritional value of the velveeta meal, and reflects its lack in nutrition. This macaroni and cheese if proof to my support of Pollans ideas. I, too, have become accustomed to the "damaging innovations" of food.

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