Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Make Ice Cream In a Bag

After reviewing my demonstration speech I learned that I have a lot of things to improve upon. I gave my speech on "how to make homemade ice cream." I feel that my speech was done pretty well but that it could have used a bit more organization.
To start my speech I introduced myself and gave a fast review of the content of which I would be covering. I introduced the five steps in which I would be making the ice cream. After watching the video I feel that there were a few things that I needed to do differently. I should have taken a bit more time in explaining the steps with my actual visual aids (the ingredients). As I began to make the ice cream I feel that I had taken too much time with no talking while I was mixing/pouring ingredients. I should have had more of my steps pre-mixed/made. It would have allowed me to focus more on the audience. The last thing that I would have tried to do differently was involving the three helpers to make the extra amount of ice cream. If I did the speech again I would eliminate having others helping in front of the class. I feel that it took away from the speech. It was loud and took a bit longer then I had prepared for. Next time I would just pre-make the ice cream on my own. After making the ice cream I handed it out to be tested by my audience. I then concluded by repeating the original five steps on how to make the ice cream.
In the end, I feel that my speech was a success. I feel that I had good poise and stood up in front with relatively good body language. I never really stalled to much in the speech and always continued on. The pace seemed good and my volume was consistent throughout the speech, I felt that the audience seemed engaged with the speech and that it served great relevance to them. Anyone can make ice cream and it is easy to do in the comfort of a dorm...that is why I did this speech for my audience. I also thought the speech was effective. The ice cream turned out quite tasty and the audience enjoyed it.

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