Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog 8: Become and Organ Donor Today

My persuasive speech was about the change from the traditional donor system towards a new system of a free market for human organs. I explained in the end of my speech that this change towards a new system will not be happening anytime soon, but people still need organs. Nearly 19,000 people are on the, fast growing, national waiting list in hopes that they will be able to receive an organ. So what can we do to help this cause?
Once again, as I explained in the end of my speech, the only thing that we can really do, besides petitioning for a change, is become a donor ourselves. It is a simple process which can be completed very easily. One must either get a donor form online, which can be found at the state DMV website, or simply go to the DMV. For those who reside in Wisconsin you can click on the following to take you to the DMV website: WiscDMV. It will take you through the steps to becoming a donor. Any person can become a donor and it can be done by filling out the donor forms and turning it in at the local DMV. The online form for Wisconsin residents can be found by clicking on the following: DonorForm. All of this is free and by your simple actions you could save a life. After officially becoming a donor on the drivers license the next step is for a person to speak about their wishes to their family members.
So remember that 19,000 people are out there hoping that they will get a new organ. If something were to ever happen to you, why not give the gift of life to someone else? Become a donor today.

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