Friday, November 27, 2009

Blog 7: The Manly Pantyhose Endorsement

Some of the most popular endorsements we see today are those involving athletes or famous people. An athletic endorsement consists of a company paying an athlete to use and/or advertise a product. For the endorsement to be official the athlete must actually use the brand of product opposed to other brands in real life.
An old athletic endorsement which I found quite disturbing and contradicting to the rules of an athletic endorsement was a pantyhose advertisement by Joe Namath. He was an accomplished NFL quarterback from the 1960's and 1970's and never really fit the picture to the endorsment. The advertisement is quite comical and is almost unrealistic because Joe Namath didn't ever actually use the pantyhose on a regular day to day basis. The advertisement began filming from the bottom of a pair of legs. They appear to be the legs of a women with pantyhose and as the camera keeps moving up wards you begin to realize that it is actually the legs of Joe Namath. The idea of the advertisement is to show that if the pantyhose can make Joe Namath's legs look good, then the pantyhose will be able to make any woman legs look excellent.
Clearly Joe Namath is not an appropriate endorser for the product of pantyhose. The product is developed for the opposing sex, and as the endorser Joe would never actually be using the product himself. Although the commercial is funny and clearly grabs the attention of the viewer it doesn't seem that it would get to the the products direct audience of women.

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