Friday, November 6, 2009

Class Blog Review: post 5

The article which I chose to analyze was the "Availability of fresh food, exercise linked to healthy living." It tells about a small, poverty stricken town in Minnesota and how a new supermarket was brought to the area. The people and children who were malnourished could finally have a place to get good, healthy foods. Some places in Minnesota have also been trying to get small farmer markets organized to provide a more healthy variety of fresh foods. The article generally states that if a person lives in a healthy surrounding with healthy options available then that person will be healthy. It also works the other way too; a person in a poor, unhealthy environment will most likely be an unhealthy person. I agree with the article and the idea that "When it comes right down to it, a city is like a human being -- to be healthy, all its parts have to work together" (Hemphill 2009). The city also states that more exercise facilities need to be available to the public. What if exercise was available to the public for free? This could surely make a society more healthy. I found an article that shows that free exercise will work. It provides an example of a brazilian city that gave free exercise, and it discusses the great success's and outcomes of this idea. This could easily be implemented into american societies and could solve the problem of a lack in exercise. I agree with both of the articles and feel that by changing and adding simple things to a society can make it more healthy. So in the end, if the city has healthy food and exercise available then it will be a healthy city.

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